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...quickly create a photo gallery page.
    This tutorial provides you with essential information as far as your contributions to popular sections of the site are concerned. Please pay attention if you don’t want to spend more than twice as much time fixing misprints rather than simply creating what is to be posted!

Yet don’t worry since you can modify everything (by default, any new page can be modified after having been published), and the versions prior to your modifications are saved while you are working so as to restore your former versions in one click.

The most appropriate sections are the collective galleries section or the pictures from the goodies ... yet you can attach images to most of your articles, as well as to specific sections if you are the editor in-charge, and you can also store images in your profile database.


How to send an image using an article layout to make it a gallery

    First you have to create a page, to be able to attach images or files later on. You can leave the field of the article main body empty, only the title and the description are necessary to the saving process. Once you have created your page you can leave it in draft mode depending on the section you place it, and you will see new adding functions appear at the bottom of the page; one of which is “add an image”. Note that Create a page is a permanent link in the side menu, next to your personal menu…

Choose the appropriate section for your article and its future pictures.

Go back to the saved page and “add an image”, or use the shortcut in the menu of the confirmation page to go straight to the image posting form.

You can’t add several images at the same time (for the moment on), you will have to add them one by one. Be smart when selecting your pictures, photo galleries are not a mass storage space but selections of your best snapshots,  be they representational or aesthetical (or both) … Furthermore, check the weight and size of your images. We set limits so as to save a minimal amount of storage space; if you don’t resize your images for web use (like carelessly posting raw 2 Mb-sized photos ... idiot ) , the server will do it automatically for you and your image will be damaged : the process is more pragmatic than aesthetic!
 Give your image a title, describe it if you like, but DON’T forget to fill in the introduction box! (the images will appear in the box instead of the introduction otherwise …a total bloody shambles)

Reference your source if you are not the author ( if need be, ask the author if you are allowed to use her/his material and what the conditions of use are)

Define rendering options (Be careful ! This step is essential for a user-friendly browsing)

Use the image
→ Click on “append at page bottom
Image processing
→ Leave the ”resize if necessary” option ticked
Use a thumbnail
→ Tick “always. Users will click on it …

Your image will now be on the server and on your page! Repeat the whole procedure to add other images.

After having put the last touches to your gallery, go back to your page to see how nice your work is. You can move images via the article body by copying/pasting their code.

Example code below:

The code can be used on the whole site and in any article…

You can view your images (and their code) below the article body; there, you can add or delete some images . You can choose one to use it as a page thumbnail, which will be visible next to the title of the page. (Note that it is different from a page icon)

Finally note that your images will be protected by a user’s license . Please peruse the dedicated article in the shared galleries section…

See how nice it is:

Tour.jpg attente_2.jpg Place.jpg

...kindly translated by Rachel
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