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[en] Job Opportunity

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We Need Your Skills is looking for volunteer translators.

You are fluent in a language other than French and you understand French.
All languages are encouraged, as long as you are fully adept in that language. Indo-European languages are especially needed.

It’s a surprise… but there will be something.

All translators will have access to a private forum on benejim which will not be visible to the rest of the online community. On this forum, you will be able to post and modify your work, request assistance from other translators and set your own comfortable pace…
Unless you wish to forego name recognition, all translators will be cited (by name or pseudonym) at the end of the article, as well as under the general translation section, where all the available works are listed.
It is not necessary to have been a volunteer at Jazz In Marciac to translate, nor is it required to have an existing membership account on BeneJim.

Get in touch with the site administration to participate.

If you are a professional translator, a student of foreign languages or are simply fluent in a work-related foreign language, with your authorization, your name will be included in the metadata of the section to which you have contributed on Benejim; your work will be discoverable by search engines to make it available to the larger internet community.

...kindly translated by Gaskill Lauren


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