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[en] Become a Benevole

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/!\ Note : this article is being rewrited at this time.

Jazz In Marciac's volunteering is between 500 and 800 humans dedicated to 15 days of happiness...

To Apply

When ?

As soon as possible, starting January preceding the festival.

Required Documents

Please Prepare :

-  Cover Letter

-  CV or Resume

-  3 passport sized photos (one will be used for your id badge, the second for the festival archives, and the third... who knows?)

-  A check to cover your festival accomodations, if applicable (see [article=468#title_8])

Send To

Send the above enclosed in a stamped envelope to :

Service Bénévolat
BP 23
32230 Marciac

Staffing Benevoles

If you have certain skills that predispose you to volunteer in a designated festival staff role, please indicate it in your cover letter.

* Nevertheless please understand that the festival organization and the benevole bureau will make the final decision and personal requests may not be fulfilled.

Agrandir le plan

Your application is now complete. Would you like to know more?..


Correspondence confirming our receipt of your application, along with the application results will be sent to your personal address (barring possible delay).

Upon Arrival

Supplementary Fee

A sum of 20€ is requested, but it is not obligatory.
It will cover your place in the campsite, a light breakfast.
It is recommended that you send the payment with your application (if it is a check: pay to the order of Jazz In Marciac).

* This fee will cover you for the duration of the festival.


-  The housing guaranteed by your contribution is a place in the campsite for benevoles, which will be marked by this image hip Please send your monetary contribution along with your application since space is limited; it will permit those responsible for the campsite to best prepare for the number of campers that will come.

-  Other housing options exist, in personal homes, private campsites, local residences, in neighboring villages... But these options are not in the domain of this page nor are they covered by the supplementary fee. Ask (or suggest) this topic on the forum le forum and consult the practical pages about JIM.


A dining service is provided for all benevoles, by the benevoles; meals and a dining hall reserved only for benevoles. The supplementary fee gives you a pass for one daily meal.

First Day

-  If it's your first year as a benevole in Marciac, check in at the benevole bureau (in the plaza, under the arcade near the ATM). /!\ Note the hours of operation. If it is closed you can also find your volunteer sector if you already know what it will be.

-  If it's not your first time and if your section needs your help right away, proceed to that arear.

Backstage Pass

Application accepted + Show up = Get an ID badge for the duration of the festival . present

-  Your badge will be designed with the festival insignia and will include your first and last name and your volunteer sector. It reserves you entry to the dining facilities and open access to all concerts whenever you are wearing it. It is a nice souvenir to keep too...

-  A dining card is included, and will be punched before each meal.


In general, it is preferred that the candidate commit to volunteering for the entire two week length of the festival. This facilitates smooth administration of hundreds of benevoles and the efficient management of each area's workforce.
Nevertheless exceptions are possible on a case by case basis, to be negotiated with the benevole bureau.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This article's update : July 23rd , 2008

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Latest update

-  Latest modification : 2008, July 23rd. The supplementary fee only concern the campsite.

...kindly translated by Gaskill Lauren and J.Juraver


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