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Bénés In Marciac

{ Diffuseur de bénévoles ! }

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[How to] Calendar of programming

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Add one or several dates

The Agenda JIM is a bonus. It's used to index all dates of any concerts from the very beginning of "Jazz in Maricac". The archives of the programmig are quite rare. It gives you the opportunity to contribute to this calendar, even for one date. Try to remember, rumage through your flyers and take out your colections of old show tickets.

At the momemnt we have started to date 13 years: some are full and some other are not.
With your member account

If you have a member account on BENEJIM, identify yourself. If you don't have one, you can register for free..
Check the dates already found

Go to the calendar heading.
Check which dates the others members have already recorded before you. You can click either on the titles in the columns (months or years) or on the shortcut shown apart. If the date of the show that you know is empty or eroneous you can add yours or even add a comment to chat with the one who gave you first the information.
Add a date

Find the "Create a page" link link at the top of the welcoming page of tis heading.
For the title, give the name of the artist or of the band.
For the introduction, tell the accompanistes musicians with their instrument if possible.
In the "date" part, write down the date like this : AAAA-MM-JJ (year-month-day). For instance : 31 st of august 2007 : 2007-07-31
In the main text part, you can add some more information like name of tour ( if there is one) or personal feelings.

To finish with: valid your page ("send")
You can modify your page at any time ("Modify"), and find this page by going in your profile.
Contact us

If you don't feel like registering an account member but only to share your dates, you can just give us a call !


...kindly translated by Pélegrin laurence


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