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Bénés In Marciac

{ Diffuseur de bénévoles ! }

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Here are few links about BeneJIM's content in english language.



• [Edito n°1] "Work in progress" finished!
A vot' bon coeur ! -  Détail sur la procédure de dons »
By JJ, Mister Fétou, edited on Apr. 24 2009
In Soutenir BeneJim
- How to get contributor access ? -  ...and much more. »
By JJ, Rachel, commented on Apr. 18 2007, *
In [en] English version
Une vue rapide de toutes les rubriques -  -> L'arborescence du site »
By JJ, Mister Fétou, file uploaded on May 20 2009
In Aide générale
Volunteery work -  Hi! »
By Big Jack, JJ, commented on June 5 2007
In Bénés à Bord
[en] Become a Benevole -  /!\ Note : this article is being rewrited at this time. »
By, edited on Apr. 23 2008, *
In Bénés à Bord
[en] Job Opportunity -  We Need Your Skills »
By, L-Boogie, commented on Mar. 10 2008
In BeneJim Blog
- [FAQ] Content reuse -  about BJ's copyrights terms »
By JJ, Rachel, commented on June 12 2007
In [en] English version
- [FAQ] Making browsing and contribution easier. -  Tools to help you browse on BJ »
By JJ, Mister Fétou, edited on Mar. 23 2007
In [en] English version
- [FAQ] Registration -  On BJ's portal »
By JJ, Rachel, edited on June 12 2007
In [en] English version
[fr][en][Mise à jour] Comptes membres -  Promotions de printemps... »
By JJ, published on Apr. 27 2007
In BeneJim Blog
[fr][en][Mise à jour] Notez les suggestions ! -  Les améliorations du site seront en fonction de vos notations »
By, published on Nov. 14 2007
In BeneJim Blog
[fr][en][Nouveauté] Annuaire des bénés -  Attention peinture fraîche ! »
By JJ, edited on May 4 2007
In BeneJim Blog
[fr][en][Nouveauté] Notification par e-mail -  Surveiller les rubriques... »
By, published on Mar. 16 2008
In BeneJim Blog
- [How to] Calendar of programming -  Add one or several dates »
By, published on Apr. 4 2008
In [en] English version
- [How to] How to Create a new page… -  …or an article. »
By JJ, Rachel, commented on June 12 2007
In [en] English version
- [How to] Send images -  ...quickly create a photo gallery page. »
By JJ, Rachel, commented on May 7 2007
In [en] English version
- [How to] Sending files -  What sort of posted files (attached or not to an article or to a discussion group), are recognized and processed as such? »
By JJ, published on May 6 2007
In [en] English version
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