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Bénés In Marciac

{ Diffuseur de bénévoles ! }

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Frequently Asked questions

-  /!\ Please be aware that BeneJim is being upgraded to its V2 at this time and this english FAQ does not reflect exactly the official french FAQ. English help contents will be soon available. All apologies and thank you for your understanding chinese
-  [category=81] is a synthetical index of all BJ's contain transated in your langage...

- [How to] Calendar of programming -  Add one or several dates »
- [How to] How to Create a new page… -  …or an article. »
- [FAQ] Registration -  On BJ's portal »
- [FAQ] Content reuse -  about BJ's copyrights terms »
- How to get contributor access ? -  ...and much more. »
- [How to] Send images -  ...quickly create a photo gallery page. »
- [FAQ] Making browsing and contribution easier. -  Tools to help you browse on BJ »
- [How to] Sending files -  What sort of posted files (attached or not to an article or to a discussion group), are recognized and processed as such? »

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